Monday, August 2, 2010

Nurturing Narratives takes the Hamptons!

I had so much fun helping to host the children's tent at Super Saturday this weekend in bridgehampton. We made storybooks, colored, ate cupcakes and laughed all was a blast!

I've attached some pictures below for you to enjoy but I wanted to share one anecdote from the day:

The storybooks we made were pattern books and one of the printed questions was: "what words do you use to talk about YOU." The goal was to get the children thinking about words as tools of empowerment and applying them to themselves and others. I was helping the child, not yet of writing age, and asked him who he'd like to talk about. Immediately, he responded "mom!" His mother beamed (she was sitting next to him). I asked the child for a few words to describe his mom and he turned me to, toothy-smile and all, and declared: beautiful and LOVE!

It was a sweet moment.